Weekly updates of Curiosity

We all know there is a mission from NASA named Curiosity that has landed to Mars.Torsten Zorn  the lead  from Curiosity from JPL gives the weekly update, including Curiosity flexing                   its arm, zapping a rock with a laser (the rock never had a chance), and rolling on its wheels.

Lance Armstrong a fallen angel or a fed up sportsman

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, marking perhaps one of the most dramatic instances of an athlete’s fall from glory. The cycling icon announced he would no longer fight the drug charges that have stained his legacy, charges that Armstrong has vehemently denied. The question still remains did he use doping or is he simply a case of sportsman fed up with the allegations.Its hurts us more because in some corner of our heart we used to view him as an idol , merely because of the fact that he fought cancer and then come back like a hero to win consecutive Tour-de-France.

As a matter of fact doping has existed from the time when sports itself started its existence.Ancient Olympic athletes attempted to boost testosterone by eating sheep testicles, a prime source for testosterone; they also used hashish, cola plants, cactus-based stimulants and fungi with varying success. The first-documented case of doping is in 1865, when Dutch swimmers used stimulants. In the late 19th century, European cyclists used a variety of drugs, including Vin Mariani, a cocaine-laced wine used to alleviate the pain and exhaustion.

During the 1904 Olympics, American track star Thomas Hicks was given a large glass of strychnine, brandy and egg whites. Due to the lack of regulations in the early games, Hicks’ gold remained his own, however, he immediately retired and never raced again. (Apparently, strychnine can have that effect on people.)

 There  has been plenty of sports personal who have been charged with doping including people like Hans-Gunnar Liljenvall
,Ben Johnson
,Marion Jones,Barry Bonds,Floyd Landis,Alberto Contador
. The question that comes to our mind
is that whether Lance Armstrong has an other side of his (like say for example Tiger Woods who was in all sorts of sexual allegation a year back),because a person who is doing philanthropy like Lance Armstrong is always regarded as the person with good moral characters, even he himself has told in interviews that doping is not the correct way although it has existed from long long back.As a matter of fact I believe that sports has become so much competitive that people want to win at any cost.