Indian Ringneck parakeet or Rose-ringed parakeet

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

The Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri), also known as the Ring-necked Parakeet, is a gregarious tropical Afro-Asian parakeet species that has an extremely large range. Since the trend of the population appears to be increasing, the species has been evaluated as Least Concern by IUCN in 2009.

Rose-ringed parakeets are popular as pets. Its scientific name commemorates the Austrian naturalist Wilhelm Heinrich Kramer

Derbyan Parakeets or Derbyan Parrots


The Derbyan Parakeet, Psittacula derbiana is endemic to Southeastern Tibet, northeastern India and southwestern China; and is now confined to small pockets of moist evergreen forest in the hills of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and the Chinese province on its border.

This species suffers from poaching for the illegal wildlife trade and fetches a high price in the black market. It is perhaps the rarest of all species of Psittacula in mainland Asia.

Their natural diet consists of fruits, berries, seeds and leaf buds.