Chart: Gun related murder rate in different countries worldwide

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that killed 27, including 20 children, is already generating the same conversation that every mass shooting in America generates: Why are there so many shootings?

The above chart measures data for the nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which includes all Western countries plus Turkey, Israel, Chile, Japan, and South Korea. I did not include Mexico, which has about triple the U.S. rate due in large part to the ongoing drug war.

The rate in several developing countries, particularly in Latin America, is significantly higher. Honduras, which has been called the murder capital of the world, has an average firearm murder rate that’s about 20 times America’s. But make no mistake: For a rich, developed country, the U.S. gun-related homicide rate is very, very high.

President Obama has come out and given a very emotional speech , wherein he points out the recent incidents of shooting that has occurred in schools and temples in United States.The point that is to be seen is that can he bring in some strict gun control act and somehow see an end to incidents like this ,but I believe thats not the permanent solution.The solution to all of this lies in the fact that the trend of incidents that has have to be mapped and the reason for this kind of people causing heinous  crime has to be found.Thats where the solution lies, although saying is easier than doing the same.

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